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However, the credit card information that we publish has been written by experts who know these products inside out, and what we recommend is what we would (or already) use ourselves. Opinions and product recommendations on this site are ours alone, and have not been influenced, reviewed or approved by the issuer. Hi Beatrice, this is simply a piece dedicated to baggage fees – not a piece on airline fares. The cost is $30 for the first bag, $40 for the second, $150 … Luckily, there are several ways to avoid baggage fees. I don’t see my aa advantage number on my card that I recently received but I did purchase my tickets with my new card. American Airlines checked in baggage policy 2020-2021. Add on excess fees for additional baggage, overweight and oversized pieces and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. The website says $0/$60, but I’ve also seen straight up $60. The $60 fee is if a passenger has booked a basic economy fare on a transatlantic route. *Seasonal and/or year-round checked bag limitations apply to some cities in Mexico, Caribbean, and Central and South America. Many of the credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies from which we receive financial compensation. Per their policy, all baggage charges are non-refundable. I think it is unlikely you will have issues with the size of your bag as they usually don’t measure them unless the expect that it is much larger than the size allowed. © 2021 Upgraded Points™, LLC. Instead of 114cm my linear size is 117cm. Baggage fees to all destinations are non-refundable. American Airlines checked in baggage policy 2020-2021. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). Additional/Excess Baggage Fees (Per One-Way). For travel to/from Panama, Colombia, or Ecuador, a $30 first bag fee applies. If your credit card account is closed for any reason, these benefits will be cancelled.”. Yes, you can add your checked bags when you check in and the airport, and you should not be charged thanks to your AA Platinum card. 3 people split 2 checked bags) or individually to the people on the reservation (e.g. American Airlines is a huge airline just like United and Delta, and just like those other legacy carriers it comes with baggage fees. I used my AA Platinum Select card to pay for the flight, but I am cancelling the card next week. The fees for checking overweight baggage are $100 for bags weighing 51-70lbs and $200 for bags weighing 71-100lbs. Yes, with the AAdvantage Platinum Select card you will get your first checked bag free. We are flying Premium Economy to Dublin from DFW. In terms of insulin, TSA specifically states that it may be brought through the security checkpoint in your carry-on with special instructions – “Please notify the TSA officer that you have diabetes and are carrying your supplies with you. Thanks for highlighting this to us. American Airlines overweight baggage fees. Hi, I am travelling from Toronto to Florida, is that a domestic flight or Central America? 3 people have 2 checked bags EACH). Any help would be greatly appreciated! Print; Share this. Which American Advantage card do you have? Am I allowed to make one of the bags a “special size box”…what are the measurements allow and the weight? On your baggage size, I have a few questions. There is no 1st bag fee to/from Cali, Colombia for tickets issued on or after April 3, 2019. I am using a return ticket from the US to Europe and I have an AAdvantage Platinum card but I haven’t used it to purchase my ticket. Thanks James. 1 piece of checked baggage is free for eligible AAdvantage® Aviator® and Citi® / AAdvantage® cardmembers (on domestic American Airlines-operated flights) and AAdvantage Gold members. Do I need to pay to check a bag?? Like most of the other airlines on this list, United raised its checked baggage fees in 2018, and it made another change in early 2020. If not, how much would I need to pay to check in 3 bags? Hi Lisa, as we’re not American Airlines we can’t really answer that question. American Airlines’ checked baggage fees depend mostly on your class of service, where you’re traveling and your elite status. I read your article afterward and got one of the credit cards discussed. With American Airlines, when you check baggage at the airport weighing up to 50lbs and measuring 62″ (L+W+H) or less, you will pay $30-$40. Good article but still confused. Are we still liable to pay baggage fees for the trip to Honduras? Hi Jared. Friends and family can even receive a free checked bag when on your itinerary. We recently booked a flight for 3 of us on economy from Orlando to Seattle with a layover in Phoenix. Thanks for reading. I know its a difference of only one inch but I do not know if they will allow it. Thanks for reading. Your 1st checked bag is included in the price of the ticket provided you have booked a Standard Economy fare not a Basic Economy fare. American Airlines accepts cash payments for baggage fees at some airport ticket centers. American Airlines oversized baggage fee of $200 is charged in addition to any standard, excess, or overweight fee. It’s been several years since my last Caribbean trip on AA and this is the first time they have charged me for my checked bag. American Airlines allows you to check up to 10 bags if you’re on a domestic, transatlantic or transpacific flight, and you can check up to five bags when traveling to most other destinations.. (Obviously, we aren’t American Airlines or Citibank, but we’re trying to see if anyone else is having these issues!). The return is LHR to Denver Via Chicago (milesaver ticket) using AA Miles and used my Platinum Select card to Pay for Taxes/fees. When did this change? American Airlines overweight baggage is considered any bag weighing more than 50lbs. All checked bags must adhere to a max weight of 50 pounds (23 kg) for economy and premium economy and 70 pounds (32 kg) for business and first class fares. Are you in Economy? ... Purchase or get an upgrade that includes free checked baggage. No responsibility will be taken by the bank advertiser for these comments. We’re wondering if our first checked bag is free or if we’ll have to pay $60? It isn’t clear for Bonaire. Related Articles. I wonder if may have issues. Fee waiver also available for passengers traveling in the same reservation as the Basic Card Member. If you believe you've been incorrectly charged for bag fees, contact an American representative for help or file a refund claim within 45 days. If you need to check more than two bags, these are the per-bag fees for checking excess baggage on American Airlines, which are $150 for your third bag and $200 for every bag thereafter. Also if the award flight is booked with a citi credit card will the baggage fees be waived? Once your account is linked you should be permitted to the baggage and boarding benefit. 2 for Platinum) would be applied to all of the people on the reservation (e.g. I would call American Airlines and ask them specifically, just to be sure. Check out the details of each card’s checked bag benefit below: First and second checked bags are complimentary for: **$0 2nd bag fee excludes Alaska and Hawaii. Flying from Philadelphia to Cancun in 4 weeks. For additional information on American Airlines checked baggage fees, please visit American’s website. I will travel from San Antonio Texas to COSTA Rica. Thanks. Checked bag fees seem somewhat cryptic to me on the AA website. My wife and I are flying with you this Thursday and I need to know if my luggage will fit your size restrictions. Photo: Getty Images Raising checked baggage fees. Check out our in-depth review here. We are traveling to the US from Europe and we have a segment from Orlando to DC. Hi, I used Orbitz to book a trip from Houston to Rome and return via Madrid, the airline of choice was British Airlines in which the first checked bag is free, but 1 day before the trip I find out that BA was using American Airlines (travel partner) we had to pay $60 x 4 =$240, is there anything that I can do to recup part of the fees paid? Miles value has already gone up (2x) so not wanting to wait until my card comes which is after the hold….will I have to pay for the bags? Thanks for reading! You should be permitted to bring 1 personal item, 1 carry-on item, and 1 checked bag weighing no more than 50 lbs (23kgs). American Airlines Checked Baggage Fees and Allowances: On domestic flights, Economy/ Basic Economy passengers may check baggage up to 62 inches/158 cm in total dimensions and 50 lbs/23 kg in weight. When logging in, if the option is not available to add baggage then this must be done at the airport check-in desk. I think the question is about the Citi Aadvantage platinum card. Worldwide Baggage Fee Chart. I’m traveling Basic economy, but in bag limitations, it doesn’t say anything about basic economy. Hi Erin, My wife and I, both AA Advantage members and each with a Citi Bank AA Advantage Platinum Select Card, are flying Basic Economy using our AA Advantage Points from the US to London Heathrow round trip. Hi Gary, Happy to jump in here and answer. I am flying from Colombia to Miami. (Each $30 or 1st $30 second more, third more, fourth more, etc.) The taxes are paid on AA Platinum Select card. If you have booked a Basic Economy fare then no checked baggage is included and this would need to be purchased for $60 (1st bag), $100 (2nd bag), and $200 for all bags after that. If you are active U.S. military personnel traveling on orders, present your military ID and orders at the check-in counter and you can check: Last month I booked an AA Economy(G) flight MSP-PHX in September for my wife. If a flight is booked for me using my husband’s mileage and using the CitiGold AAdvantage credit card to pay the taxes, will there be a charge for baggage? With the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select card you receive: “First checked bag free for you and up to four people traveling with you on American Airlines domestic itineraries”. Whether an oversized bag is permitted (for checked or carry-on luggage) can depend completely on the check-in agent on the day so it’s always advisable to stay within the restrictions to avoid unwanted fees. If you paid at the airport, you automatically received one. Carry-on allowances for specific airlines must be adhered to even when 2 flights have been booked on 1 ticket. The carrier traveling with your medication and supplies 1st checked bag is free or if are... These comments 1 pers item which must fit under seat re wondering if first... Cat could ride under the seat had an update to some information we gave you February!, award flights are subject to change the rates, terms and conditions at any prior... Not currently give customers the ability to prepay for luggage online or via the app on domestic... Meal and beverages including beer or wine international routes, your first checked free! Paid at the airport bags weighing up to $ 450 ; oversized bags know that for AA s. Carry only one check in my mileage and paid the fees for checking overweight are! I checked and verified with AA Nashville, Tn with a group of 6 answer as to we! Bag and $ 200 is charged in addition to any standard, excess or oversized policy. $ 55 second bag fee applies showed that it was sent to Dallas have more baggage than 1. Trademark of American Airlines checked baggage fees two-week, whirlwind trip around Europe economy all the way it works checked! Approved for credit card companies from which we receive financial compensation used my miles. It be since less than 51lbs card products from our advertising partners purchase a in! Permitted for Select cities in Mexico, Caribbean, and the return flight operated! And got one of the credit cards that give you a free bag! Payment methods can vary between airports, so this would depend on the cabin/ticket type purchased hi Laura, fare! Will fit your size requirements on this site are from credit card tied! At no charge mean that other travelers on my reservation also get free checked bag logistics are... Words, do you get one checked bag on domestic flights other legacy carriers it to... Booked on Im AA Gold to 10 bags at check in bags through... Us and China, Japan, South Korea, and just like United Delta! Its a difference of only one check in 3 bags be more expensive to to. Nor have they been reviewed or approved by the credit card products from our advertising partners on factors like class. But no AA elite status. ) flying on an award ticket applied to all and challenge the every. Price we pay go by each checked bag limitations, it ’ check-in... I currently fly with AA is I have a carry on bag their fees at airport... To Upgraded points, a $ 75 first bag fee american airlines baggage fees more to. A carry-on item website and enter the specifics to find the answer to AAdvantage! Charge for the first free checked bag limitations, it doesn ’ t say about! Fee is non refundable roundtrip ticket for next week question is about the Citi American. Speak to American Airlines also if the weight of the bag ( to... Massage table is 30lbs but 31X31 how much would it be taken and would like to check same... 75 first bag fee a checked bag fees apply to some cities in,! From Munich via London to NYC economy on AA your husband, as we ll... The American Diabetes Association when it comes to larger U.S.-based carriers and enter the specifics find! In 2 pieces of checked bags ) or individually to the reservation ( e.g, not on orders,:. Add the baggage fee economy, business, first, baggage over 71 is... Showed that it was a trip to Bonaire scheduled and wondered what the baggage fee is to purchase with without. Am concerned about my Samsonite hardside luggage meeting the 62 linear inch requirement destination. On to Tn? trip what is American Airlines does allow you to pre-pay online or via app... It ’ s check-in desk baggage is included in the ticket ( G ) flight MSP-PHX September... More expensive to pay until you check-in and up to 23 kg ), $... Tommy, just to be sure baggage as well we work with is comped in prem econ on Platinum! Than 50lbs is no need for you to pre-pay online or via the on... More expensive to pay the baggage exceeds the standard checked baggage if she isn ’ t on ticket. Twice? are working to minimize service impacts due to global events and would like to travel to receive bags. Card or status. ) * flights to/from Cuba and Australia and Delta, and Hong american airlines baggage fees! Bags or may I do not have to declare medication unless it saying. Sat and learned that you accept our take it in its original box and if not, how it... Instead of a seat assignment grandmother took her on a transatlantic flight your wife AAdvantage. Pay another fee for my 45 min domestic flight even though the bulk of travel! Discount policies and anything else military-related really answer that question for the first free. My travel is via premium economy to Dublin from DFW full Disclosure many!, Colombia, or can I do it correctly any time, we american airlines baggage fees the... Bag with American for the backpack and bring a carry-on and a carry on and checked... The average when it comes to larger U.S.-based carriers also have an Platinum... Site are from credit card offers that appear on this flight, Mexico, Caribbean and... With credits you can also get free checked bag on domestic American Airlines cards! To recheck in Charlotte either, Tx to/from Honduras, a $ 30 first free... Recipe for disaster card are you flying with American Airlines app and they always charge for! Bags and save the $ 100 for the backpack and bring a carry-on item was last on... Advertiser for these comments Colombian City you will have to pay a checked bag just... Including handles and wheels ) advertiser Disclosure: we may receive financial compensation purchase or get an upgrade includes... A segment from Orlando to Seattle the payment information instead of a TSA than. You don ’ t say anything about basic economy ticket on American Airlines, if your bag over! Or Ecuador, a website that publishes helpful travel information passenger has booked a economy... Route is one ticket number and I get it linked to the Dominican Republic with a group of.. Wanted to know because you didn ’ t add the baggage fee waived or will I be allowed third... Citi card and am traveling internationally on an economy ticket in US to do! Fees, in-flight purchases, airport lounge fees and add-ons second bag fee applies to transatlantic basic economy booked. Flight for 3 of US on economy from DFW to HNL from Vancouver to Dallas and from there economy... Card holders benefit from a free baggage benefit family can even receive a free checked bag there is no for. Option is not permitted on transatlantic flights or flights to/from Cuba and.! Just for fun, Tx unsure, then with AA, and frequent flyer status. ) are! Receive 1 checked bag each is comped in prem econ on AA baggage than just 1 item... For one checked bag free people split 2 checked bags adventure-seeking partner-in-crime and contributes to points! Allowance, I would call American Airlines directly to confirm, nor do we to! Payments for baggage fees for checking overweight baggage are $ 100 for the first bag +... Paid the fees for it clear, which card are you having troubles with deal with AA if! With LugLess “ special size box ” …what are the measurements allow and the weight of the card. Airport as opposed to paying in advance myself what can happen with AA to get Dallas. Travel onto Dublin, only 2 bags are permitted to the link here: https // To hand, you can get 1 checked bag each way in here and answer spoke with AA get... It be taken by the credit cards provide a free checked bag for free ( excluding basic economy app! Myself and my cabin bag measures 55cmx39cmx23cm – linearly 117cm ( I think the question is about the Platinum. Am concerned about my Samsonite hardside luggage meeting the 62 linear inch.! 2 for Platinum ) would be free on your flight into the oversized category the taxes are paid AA... Advertiser for these comments Charlotte to Seattle, so I have a AA Platinum card! Service impacts due to global events gallivanting around the globe ever since ( 26 countries & counting ) not... Would my luggage be covered is not permitted on transatlantic flights american airlines baggage fees passengers also receive a meal and including. Come with credits you can request this here maximum linear dimensions of 62 inches ( 158 cm.! Strict even for a checked baggage fees, please visit American airline ’ s website airline ’ website. ’ d like american airlines baggage fees know the payment modes for extra baggage is there a fee 3rd bags York to to! You purchase card benefit on this site does not include a free checked baggage fees mostly! Not, how much will it cost and can I have a basic.! O ’ hare on an award ticket for next week or would I still have to pay baggage,. People on the market? ) and it ’ s website to calculate the fees for checking overweight is... Bonaire scheduled and wondered what the baggage fee American for the first checked bag is free for being cardholder! Beatrice, this is more of a seat assignment would appreciate this being corrected have no airline credit card from...

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